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"Terraform" Tree Agate Nugget Crystal Necklace

"Terraform" Tree Agate Nugget Crystal Necklace

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Tree Agate is a form of white and green chalcedony. Its scientific name is quite a mouthful, but its moniker rolls off the tongue more easily. To see launch video click here

This gemstone is a twin to Moss Agate, the only distinguishing feature being its level of translucency. Tree Agate is a silicate, which is a type of mineral composed of silicon and oxygen. These minerals are divided into six main groups, and further divided into smaller categories like Feldspar and Quartz. Quartz has two subgroups, macrocrystalline and microcrystalline.

Agates form when magma and lava are changed into igneous rock after volcanic eruptions. Tree Agate has no linked stories or symbols, but trees represent growth, longevity, wisdom and affluence. In pagan and modern customs, tree groves and trees have religious significance. Each kind of tree is associated with a unique meaning and enchantment. Celtic people honored seven trees – Alder, Apple, Ash, Elder, Hazel, Oak, Yew – for their spiritual or therapeutic powers or because of the divine beings that resided in them. The name “Agate” was coined by the Greek author Theophrastus (372-287 BCE). He said it was sourced from the Sicilian Achates River, now known as the Dirollo River. The same location produces Agates even to this day. Pliny the Elder (23-79 CE) echoed Theophrastus' notion and added that gazing at Agate could rest the eyes and sucking on it would quench thirst. This led to Agates being prescribed to treat eye conditions as late as the early 1900s.


Handmade with love-most are hand drilled-some stones and shells are sourced locally here in Florida and most are hand chosen at mineral exhibits. I use waxed cotton and premium leather.

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Our Jewelry May Be Worn Everywhere However If There Are Knots Or Clasps Please Do Not Expose To Water For Long Periods Of Time. Also, Agates Are Best Kept Out Of Direct Sunlight.

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