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"Prehistory's Secret" Dominican Larimar Pendant Cotton Necklace

"Prehistory's Secret" Dominican Larimar Pendant Cotton Necklace

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This Larimar gemstone is semi-polished and shaped like Africa. It is secured to a black waxed cotton cord, which is tied or adjustable.

Larimar is a rare form of pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic and discovered in 1916 by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren. Its eye-catching blue color resembles the hues of the Caribbean Sea, resulting in it being known as the "Dolphin Stone," "Caribbean Gemstone," and "Atlantis Stone." Mining of the precious stone began in 1974, and it was aptly named after Father Miguel's daughter, Larissa, and "mar," the Spanish word for sea.

Larimar is treasured for its therapeutic properties, but it is scarce and difficult to come by outside the Caribbean. Its unique range of blues, whites and rough circles gives it a radiant, captivating appearance. Its color is affected by copper inclusions and can span from light green to rich sky blue, with the deeper blues being the most sought-after. Unfortunately, Larimar is quite soft and can become scratched and lose color when exposed to the sun. This, combined with its rarity, keeps it an exclusive gem.

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Handmade with love-most are hand drilled-some stones and shells are sourced locally here in Florida and most are hand chosen at mineral exhibits. I use waxed cotton and premium leather.

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Our Jewelry May Be Worn Everywhere However If There Are Knots Or Clasps Please Do Not Expose To Water For Long Periods Of Time. Also, Agates Are Best Kept Out Of Direct Sunlight.

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