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"Field Party" Chrysoprase Chunk Leather Adjustable Necklace

"Field Party" Chrysoprase Chunk Leather Adjustable Necklace

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Embrace the rustic charm of our Leather Adjustable Chrysoprase Nugget Stone Pendant Necklace, a versatile accessory that effortlessly blends bohemian style with natural elegance. Crafted with a genuine leather cord, this necklace features a unique Chrysoprase nugget stone pendant, creating a statement piece that suits all genders and ages.

The adjustable leather cord allows for a customizable fit, ensuring comfort and versatility for every wearer. Whether worn as a choker or a longer pendant necklace, this piece adapts to your style and preference with ease.

Each Chrysoprase nugget stone is hand-selected for its raw beauty and unique characteristics, showcasing the enchanting blend of green and brown hues that Chrysoprase is known for. What makes this necklace truly special is that you get to choose your own stone based on the numbered photograph provided, ensuring that your necklace is as unique as you are.

As a stone of joy and prosperity, Chrysoprase promotes emotional balance and positivity, making it the perfect companion for your daily adventures.

Channel your inner free spirit and connect with the grounding energies of nature with our Leather Adjustable Chrysoprase Nugget Stone Pendant Necklace. Elevate your bohemian-inspired look and embrace the beauty of natural gemstones with this timeless and versatile accessory."

Experience the beauty and power of Chrysoprase, a gemstone treasured throughout history. Containing the Greek words 'Chryso' (gold) and 'Prase' (green leek), this gemstone was used in royal jewellery and amulets, and was even mentioned in the bible. Worn in battle by Alexander the Great, Chrysoprase is known for its healing properties, and was adored by the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks for its beauty.

Chrysoprase is a highly sought-after gemstone, with the finest and most desirable specimens coming from Australia. Its presence is also noted in Brazil, Central Europe, North America and South Africa. Its unique pale green hue and eye-catching clarity make it a prized addition to jewelry designs.

Adorn yourself with a timeless piece of history—our Chrysoprase gemstone. Mentioned in the Bible as a tenet of the New Jerusalem, Chrysoprase was also worn by iconic figures like Alexander the Great and Frederick the Great of Prussia as a symbol of power and fortune. Bring a regal allure to any attire with this luxurious gem.

Chrysoprase is an eye-catching gemstone with a Mohs scale of mineral hardness rating of 6.5 to 7 — comparable to Tanzanite, Peridot and Citrine for its strength and durability. Cleaning is easy, just use mild detergent with a soft cloth or brush.


Handmade with love-most are hand drilled-some stones and shells are sourced locally here in Florida and most are hand chosen at mineral exhibits. I use waxed cotton and premium leather.

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Our Jewelry May Be Worn Everywhere However If There Are Knots Or Clasps Please Do Not Expose To Water For Long Periods Of Time. Also, Agates Are Best Kept Out Of Direct Sunlight.

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