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"Lucid Night" Black Rutilated Tourmalated Quartz Necklace

"Lucid Night" Black Rutilated Tourmalated Quartz Necklace

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Tourmilated Rutilated Black and Clear Quartz Crystal Nugget Necklace

Adorn yourself with the mystical allure of our Tourmilated Rutilated Black and Clear Quartz Crystal Nugget Necklace, a striking piece that combines the natural beauty of quartz with the unique inclusions of tourmaline and rutile. Each nugget is a testament to nature's artistry, featuring intricate patterns and rich textures that make every necklace truly one-of-a-kind.

Customizable Cord Color: Personalize your necklace to suit your style. Choose from a variety of cord colors to complement the striking hues of the quartz, creating a bespoke piece that is uniquely yours.

Historical Significance: Quartz has been cherished since ancient times for its powerful healing properties and its ability to amplify energy. Clear quartz, known as the "master healer," is believed to enhance clarity of thought, focus, and meditation. Black tourmaline inclusions within the quartz have historically been used for protection and grounding, shielding the wearer from negative energies. Rutile needles, often referred to as the "hairs of Venus," were thought to enhance spiritual growth and act as a conduit for divine energy.

Ancient Understanding: In ancient civilizations, clear quartz was considered a powerful stone for spiritual insight and enlightenment. The Greeks believed quartz to be eternally frozen ice, while the Egyptians used it to channel divine energy. Tourmaline, found in varying colors, was prized by the ancients for its protective properties. Rutile, with its golden and silver threads, was often associated with the power of the gods and was thought to attract prosperity and positive energies.

Benefits: Wearing this necklace not only offers a stunning aesthetic but also a myriad of benefits:

Amplifies Energy: Clear quartz enhances the energy of other crystals and your own personal vibrations.
Protective Shield: Tourmaline inclusions provide grounding and protection, creating a shield against negative energies.
Spiritual Growth: Rutile aids in spiritual awakening and fosters a deeper connection to the universe.
Mental Clarity: The combined energies of quartz, tourmaline, and rutile help to clear the mind and improve focus and concentration.


Handmade with love-most are hand drilled-some stones and shells are sourced locally here in Florida and most are hand chosen at mineral exhibits. I use waxed cotton and premium leather.

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Our Jewelry May Be Worn Everywhere However If There Are Knots Or Clasps Please Do Not Expose To Water For Long Periods Of Time. Also, Agates Are Best Kept Out Of Direct Sunlight.

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