Collection: Anklets

Here you will find our beaded elastic anklets. We prefer to use natural gemstones, glass, and wood. These pieces are secured by a durable elastic cord, allowing for a comfortable and secure wear. They complement any fashion style and can be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. We Do Our Best To Hide The Necessary Knot Inside Of A Drilled Bead or Natural Wood Place Holder. Sometimes This Will Not Be Present
These often can also be made into a bracelet - simply pick a wrist size at checkout
Please verify measurements and select a size during purchase. If you need to find your Anklet measurement you can take a ribbon, or string, and wrap it tight around your ankle. Measure the string/ribbon (Average length of Anklet is 9") Add to the circumference of your ankles  ½" to ¾" for an ideal fit, and that is your size. If you would like this in a different length from the available options you can purchase the anklet and leave a 'Note to Seller' with your measurement request
::Adult Ankle Size Average ::
Small           8 " to 9"
Medium        9" to 10"
Large           10" to 12"
::Kid’s Anklet Average::
3-4 Years - 6”
5-7 Years - 7”
8-9 Years - 8”