"Oregon Trail" Moss Agate Slab Cut Stones

"Oregon Trail" Moss Agate Slab Cut Stones


Here we see Johnny wearing his slab pendant moss agate stone featuring dark green hues embedded in clear agate on a soft flexible waxed cotton cord tied in back. We create all of our necklaces approximately 25" long which fits over the average head placing the stones around the solar plexus of most individuals. If you want to order a kid's shorter length you may contact me. This style is also available in 4 different cord colors as well as adjustable sliding knots. We also offer Moss Agate in the ever popular Nugget cut pendant. 

Let me tell you why we LOVE Moss Agate for a casual everyday look. It has bold rich forest green hues and looks stunning in any cut whether slab, nugget, beaded bracelets, free form style, stick, or any other cut we can source! It's deep green color will complement earth tone outfit. 

Moss Agate is a gemstone found in many countries, including Australia, Russia, India, Scotland, and the USA. Its signature feature is its vibrant coloration, making it a sought-after stone for jewelry-making. Moss Agate is renowned for its natural beauty. The most ancient source of mining is the city of Mocha in Yemen, Arabia.

Moss Agate is a beautiful and unique variety of translucent agate that features colorful moss like patterns and inclusions that create a vibrant palette of colors. The most common designs are forest green minerals through out a milky or clear stone, however, some stones may have other colors included like yellow, black, blue, and even red shades. The green color may come in a spectrum of shades as well sometimes boasting a lighter green hue.  Its special characteristics come from a variety of elements like iron, manganese, titanium, chromium, nickel and more.

The color patterns and inclusions are reminiscent of plant like features while it’s texture is aqueous and graceful. Some agates also have feathery patterns called plume agates as well as dendritic agates reminiscent of tree like patterns. 

Moss Agate works to attract abundance in all forms, from financial wealth to emotional well-being. It reduces stress and fear, while balancing emotions -- allowing logical people to access their intuitive side and intuitive people to access their practical side. With its power to help us begin anew, Moss Agate energizes and inspires, making it the perfect ally for embracing positive change.

As previously mentioned it is sometimes called the mocha stone, and has a long history of providing strength and protection, while symbolizing hope and prosperity. Possessing powerful healing properties, it remains a beloved choice of warriors, gardeners, and others seeking good fortune.

Moss Agate promotes strength and harmony with others. It helps break through stagnant periods, fostering self-expression and communication. Balance your emotions and put an end to fear and stress; cultivate trust and hope with this unique, dendritic agate-like stone. Enjoy the beautiful and neutral shades of green reminiscent of moss!


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