"Dark Ninja" Green Serpentine Natural Cut Necklace

"Dark Ninja" Green Serpentine Natural Cut Necklace

Here Johnny is showcasing "Dark Ninja" natural cut brilliant green and black Serpentine pendant on midnight black waxed cotton necklace. We have so many natural cut serpentine pendants to choose from between both listings available. You will for sure find a favorite shape and color design that fits your fancy! Perfect earthy stone for that rugged man or outdoors loving woman in your life! These fit children also as they are 25" in length whether you like tied or adjustable style. We have more customizations on our Etsy shop as well as an additional set of stones under "Son of the Ninja" listing if you want to check out more stone numbers (since they are so popular!). 

As seen in this video, other customizations include knot preference above the stone, cord colors, and closure style. You may choose them here, otherwise you can shop on Rugged Life for simple options. 

Why choose Serpentine? Serpentine is a mineral with a wide range of colors, from green to black, and a silky texture. It's an excellent choice for emotional balance, as it instills a sense of calmness and comfort. It's also a great stress and anxiety reliever. Serpentine, often linked to Gods and Goddesses, is a crystal with many colors and minerals. It’s seen to represent the Heart and Root Chakras and is believed to bring beneficial energy to both. Serpentine can combine with other crystals to work on all primary chakras, promoting well-being.

The name Serpentine derives from the Latin "Serpens," meaning Serpent or Snake. This is due to the Green hue observed in the gemstone resembling the color of Snakes. The Serpentine rock has a waxy texture and often appears translucent to opaque, with splotches similar to Snakeskin, furthering the connection.

This Serpentine stone is a powerful tool that connects its wearer to the spiritual world and has been used since Ancient Assyria. Known as Styrian Jade when paired with Opals and Calcites, this dark-colored crystal is sure to be a unique addition to your collection.

Feel the power of the ages with this unique and beautiful "Dark Ninja" Serpentine Stone Pendant Black Cotton Necklace. This captivating serpentine stone is rare and highly sought after in the mineral family for its rich olive green tones and scaly appearance. Its name comes from the Latin word ‘serpentines’ and is thought to be composed of iron hydroxide, aluminum, nickel, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Step into the power and strength of the ages with this timeless piece.

This nature-inspired piece features a unique stone with a deep history. Romans, Italians, and Indians have believed that serpentine offers protection from snakebites and evil forces since ancient times. The dark color and sleek design are the perfect combination of style and protection.

The polished serpentine is resistant to clay and wax, making it the perfect choice for a stylish accessory. This exquisite pendant is inspired by the seals of powerful ancient civilizations and carries with it the strength of history, celebrating the beauty of the past and the present.

This necklace is the perfect blend of sophistication and luxury. Its antigorite and lizardite stones knock out imitation jade with their stunning natural color and sparkle. Crafted with attention to detail, this unique necklace will add a touch of elegance to any wardrobe.

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